If you fall under ...

either of these scenarios, you're at the right place!

Relying solely on word of mouth

A landing page is an excellent first step to take down the path of generating leads online.

I  feel left behind when people talk digital…

The Digital World is a tough space to navigate. We’re here to help you take your first steps in.

My business can’t withstand another COVID.

Well then, it’s time to start a Digital Footprint, with a piece of something that you truly own.

Tens of Other Business Owners like you CAN'T be wrong!!

  • Prithiv Boxing Club
  • The Roma Home Stay
  • Boxing Wonders
  • Benjo
  • Clar
  • Shao Ming
My name is Prithiv and I run Prithiv Boxing Club - we help competitive fighters and practitioners of all levels to develop their boxing skills and abilities. Bryan reached out to me via social media as I needed help to design a website for my business. In just under 3 weeks, we managed to get a great looking site up. Bryan was very prompt and the site he build surpassed my expectations. After using the website which he build for the last 20 weeks, I can confidently vouch for Bryan. He has helped my business tremendously, his website not only helps my daily operations but also has brought my business more clients and promotes my brand exactly how I wanted it to. To business owners looking for graphic design help, do approach Bryan as he is a true perfectionist with a great eye for detail and is a designer who will take every concerns you have very seriously and deliver exactly what you want. Highly recommended!Prithiv Raaj
Prithiv Boxing Club
My name is Manoj and I’m an Airbnb host and Photography Fixer in Varanasi, India. I was referred to work with Bryan from a close friend of mine. In just under 2 weeks, we managed to get a great looking site up and he is a very helpful and generous with his advice. Being my first website, I wasn’t very sure what was needed, but he helped me every step of the way! To business owners looking for a new website, do approach Bryan as he does a great job of designing websites and he also helped to list my property on third party platforms! I will 100% recommend him and thanks to him, tourists can now visit my website and homestay!Manoj
The Roma Home Stay
Bryan designed our new website as we were previously using wix and realised we could switch over to wordpress, but pay less per month, and enjoy more benefits. After creating an extremely good looking site, even with no SEO efforts put onto the website (except for the SEO optimised set up) we receive 3-4 leads / month on our website consistently! With about a 50% closing rate for leads from our website, they generate us about $1,000 - $2,000 in sales consistently every single month! If you're a Gym owner or in the Boxing industry, I highly recommend working with Kyzo by Bryan.Representative from
Boxing Wonders
I've had the pleasure of working with this digital agency, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their graphic design team brought my brand to life with captivating visuals, and the website they designed is not only beautiful but also functional. The team is professional, creative, and dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking digital marketing solutions! Thanks Bryan!Benjo
I was struggling to find a digital agency that could really integrate well with my business, and Bryan and his team did it effortlessly. Their graphic designers are incredibly talented, and they crafted a stunning visual identity for my brand. The website they built is not only visually appealing but also optimized for SEO.Clar
Bryan's help with my business' website has been tremendous. We got our logo re-done too by him and everything looks great! I get compliments from clients and friends and family and i couldn't be prouder to show my website to them!Shao Ming

You're at the Right Place!

This is How a Landing Page can help you ..

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Increased Exposure

Customers can now learn more about your business on their own.

You Own It!

Who cares if Facebook dies? You have your OWN digital architecture!

Modern and Trendy!

A mobile-optimised design will leave customers and competitors in awe.

It’s working 24/7

Send customers here and let them decide if they want to work with you!

Our Creative Process

Our 5-Step Web Design Process ,

How we consistently crush our web design projects, leaving a trail of happy, raving customers!

1 - Discovery

First, we’ll identify your needs and requirements that will guide us in our creative and development process.

2 - Competitor Research

We’ll look through your competitor’s sites, making notes of anything peculiar, gaining a holistic view of your industry.

3 - Design

We’ll design a beautiful, mobile friendly website that is built towards your vision, skyrocketing your business’ credibility.

4 - Testing & Delivery

Extensive testing before delivery to you ensures that we’ll find and fix any bugs long before the site goes public.

5 - Launch and Enjoy

After launching, we don’t disappear! We can help with hosting and support, ensuring nothing more gets added to your plate.
Industries We've Touched

  • Boxing Gyms
  • Luxury Stores
  • Fitness Gyms
  • Aesthetic Clinics
  • Nutrition Stores
  • Personal Training
  • Home Stays

Connecting you with the World

Get a Free Landing Page in 7 Days !

Diversifying my Portfolio of Websites

For that reason, we're only taking ONE website per industry! So, if you're interested in this exclusive offer, get in touch with us now!

No way it's free..

You’re right! And also wrong. Just pay for hosting at $150 / year, and get a free landing page design for your business!

There's None! Just pay for Hosting @ $150 / year!

Similar to how your store has a window, your business needs a website so that customers can peek in, and learn more about you and your services!

Just pay for Hosting @ $150 / year,

Get a Free Landing Page Design in 7 days! ...

We will use our knowledge of Web Design and Marketing to:

  1. Design a site that visitors would eagerly explore,
  2. Make it mobile-optimised for ease of use,
  3. Give you a great piece of Digital Architecture,
  4. Design a landing page worth $1,500 for free!
Again, we're only offering ONE per industry !

FAQ (click on the boxes!)


I want an E-Commerce / Special Functionalities...

Full-Scaled Website!

Let's get in touch!

For our Free Landing Page in 7 days offer, we can't help with additional features like these without additional charges, in order to keep things moving smoothly. However, we'd definitely be interested to help you out so let's get in touch!


Want to know how much to budget?

Here's a break-down of running costs!

Running costs of a website

For a Landing Page, you can expect to pay $150 annually for hosting, and about $20 annually for the domain name. If you're looking to have additional features on your site, let's get in touch to discuss more!


Do i have to update my site myself?

Website Maintenance? Website Support?

It's up to you!

We can provide you with website maintenance and support at an additional cost. Alternatively, we can help provide you with some guides to help you make simple edits to your website!

Your Website built with us will be...

Easy to Edit (we'll help you!)
Responsive and Mobile-Optimised
Set up for Longevity