You're almost done!

You're so close to getting your free Landing Page! We'd recommend for you to schedule a Web Design Consult with us using the link below so we can best tackle your project!

Unfortunately, for our Bricks to Clicks offer, we’re only able to design basic landing pages for free. If you’d like to design a website with E-Commerce Functionalities, or a website / landing page with a Portfolio, we’d be happy to help you with that as well!

Well, website costs usually depend on the number and complexity of the pages. But since your website will be unique, the exact timeline and cost will be unique too. If you want to know what to budget, fill up our contact form above and let’s get started!

We’ll need 100% of the hosting fee to proceed and start on the project.

Well as mentioned previously, we solely focus on web design in our agency. However, after your web design, if you’re looking for website support or maintenance, we’re happy to help you out!

If you’re looking for other services such as.. (Advertising – Facebook / Google / Tiktok etc..; Conversion Optimisation; Search Engine Optimisation), we’d be happy to refer you along to our network of friends!

No guarantees! We’re only allowing one Bricks to Clicks Landing Page per industry, and will not be taking on other applications after your industry has been filled.

Well, we’re one of very few agencies out there who are solely focused and specialised in Web Design. We refuse to take on other projects which divert our attention, and solely focus on web design for our clients. However, we have an extensive network which we’d be happy to refer you along to if you should need help in Advertising, SEO, Content Strategy etc after our project.

Yes! We can help you build your website with copywrited, sales-optimised content for your business to ensure that your website will sell for you. If needed, we can even help you to source for free stock photos that could go onto your site!

As soon as we’ve confirmed on the initial draft for the copy, we’ll send the website link over to you for you to view the website. You’ll be able to request for revision(s) and provide me with your honest feedback then.

You can expect us to communicate with you through a combination of emails, screen shares, and if need be, phone calls. I respect our busy schedules, and am always keeping an eye out on my inbox for any emails!

For most cases, yes. Unless you’re looking to build a site which is larger than the Empire State Building, we normally have no issues building it within 7 days. Though, that’s not to say we will over-promise. If we are not confident in building your site within 7 days, we’ll definitely let you know.

Yes definitely. Whilst you can, we will also help you do it on your own time by providing guides and tutorials for you to follow along so that you will be able to edit your website easily!